power poles

WKA's SANTA FE installation provides an innovative shelter that blurs the line between sculpture and construct. Drawing from the rich history of the American West, the installation references the infrastructure inherent to the City of Santa Fe and the surrounding desert-scape, as well as man’s determination to electrify and connect across its mountains and desert valleys.

Power poles, ubiquitous throughout the desert west, form the primary structural infrastructure of the installation. These poles have been strategically aligned throughout our landscape, often being sited between parcels of public and private, to provide power and to connect us between settlements. As a consequence, the poles forever litter our visual landscapes and sunsets - in this, we reclaim these boundaries and skin them in the opaque. What once was a transparent boundary between public and private or parking lot and street becomes a space that provides for inward reflection, interaction and focus. 

The proposed installation incorporates power poles, tensile fabric strung across stainless-steel cable, steel and wood. Construction and installation utilizes standard techniques of installing utility poles, cabling and rigging, taking approximately one week with a cost of approximately $25,000. All elements can be re-used at a later date

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